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It’s That Time

The Beginning is over. The Middle has ended. The End is coming to its close.

[CynicSoC: Confused yet? Good :P ]

The *SoCs Domain is closing its doors soon.

*Stunned silence from the *SoCs*

I haven't figured out exactly when it will happen, but I've decided to close this website down soon. Basically, my life has changed a lot since I started this website back in 2002. Since then, I've gone to college, gotten married, had a son, moved across the country, and have a daughter on the way, just for a few of the bigger changes in my life. My focus has changed from creating sprite comics (anyone remember my MegaManSoC and LinkSoC comics?) and reviewing video games and movies to commenting on political topics.

Basically, it's time to move on.

It's not like there's a huge change. If you are reading this, you probably know how often I post on here (and to think I wanted to do daily posts this year :P ).

I will have a new blog up when I take this one down, but it will be at a new domain and I will not be linking it here. If you really want me to update you on my new blog when I put it up, contact me (see my social network links in the site footer) and let me know.

Kids Update

This update is all about our kids. Both of them. Because big things are happening for both of them, which is what this update is about.
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Facebook Marketers

Back on the 17th, I received this lovely gem of an email in my inbox.


I just dropped by your Facebook page: CynicSoC and I thought I would drop you a quick note to ask if you've ever considered promoting your page to a much larger audience?

I’ve been writing about social media promotion strategies for years now and I see a bunch of Facebook page owners daily who overlook the opportunity to reach a much broader audience. With just a few simple actions you can reach a lot more members than you currently are. You could for example start by hiding some interesting posts from non-fans until they choose to follow your page, you could also run a contest, use ads or use the Facebook graph search to find out what intrigues your target audience.

Also check out [link removed]. You can instantly get a lot of Facebook likes there as well.

I thought this might be something you'd want to know!

Best regards,

Business Consulant and Online Marketer

Seeing as I am who I am, and he emailed me, of all of the *SoCs, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to respond.

Mr. Thompson,

I indeed am very interested in your services. You are obviously quite excellent at your job as you have found my Facebook page when I cannot! You've obviously done your research as well, since I've stated quite clearly my absolute love for Facebook on my website,, specifically, And since I'm really only a fictional character, as in not quite real, we can clearly conduct 100% legitimate business transactions.

I look forward to learning how I might promote my once-existent Facebook page, that's actually been deleted for over a year now, to a much wider audience! Do you think we might be able to promote it to aliens as well? Because that would be awesome!

Let me know!

Cynically and sarcastically yours, CynicSoC

I'm not sure why I haven't received a response to my obvious interest in his services.

[BusinessSoC: He must not be very good at business. You always contact leads ASAP.]

[MemeSoC: Do you even business, bro?]

Anti-Misogyny Week

TRIGGER WARNING: Misogyny, slut-shaming, rape, rape culture, violence against women

Over the past few years, largely since I joined tumblr, I've seen a movement growing that disturbs me. It's a movement that's been around for a very long time, but has only given itself a name in the last few years (as far as I can tell, anyway).

It is the Men's Rights Movement.
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Guess What?

Every superhero needs a sidekick... Coming January 2015

And then there were FOUR

Each heart = 1 Month


This is a friendly reminder to vaccinate your children.

No, vaccinations do not cause Autism. Educate yourself if you actually believe this crock of crap. Better yet, ask yourself which is worse, Autism or any of the diseases that are prevented by vaccinations? The obvious answer is no. But beyond that, the man who even brought up the possibility has been discredited and stripped of his medical license after it was found that his study was a big fraud. Basically, the former doctor decided that Autism was caused by vaccinations and then fixed the results of his study to make it look like he was right. Which he wasn't... not by a long shot.

No, they are generally not dangerous. Besides, the few who are actually in danger from the vaccinations themselves depend on the rest of us to be vaccinated to keep from contracting the diseases that vaccinations prevent. It's called herd immunity - look it up.
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There Are Times That I Wonder About Humanity…

...the rest of the time, I'm unconscious.

Why am I wondering today? The KFC Chicken Corsage.

It's a prom corsage... to which you can attach a piece of KFC Chicken.

No, it's not a joke... it's real. It costs twenty dollars and any dignity we have left as the dominant creature on the planet. And when I last checked... it was sold out.

I think this image is appropriate...

I don't want to live on this planet any more.

Happy Birthday, Ashley!


8 years ago, today, something happened. That something was our first date. I remember feeling like the luckiest guy in the world that a girl as beautiful as you would even consider going out with me. I remember feeling that way that Christmas when you said, "Yes!" I remember surpassing that feeling the following October, when you said "I Do!" in that stunning white dress. I remember the excitement not very long afterwards when we found out you were pregnant and when our son was born.

All because of that first something. Which happened on your birthday, 8 years ago, on your birthday.

The last 8 years have been the best years of my life. That is all because you have been part of it and part of me. I love you now, more than ever, and I hope that your birthday is the happiest that it can be.

Love, Your Hubby

Apologies for MPD

I'm so, so sorry

I've always known that making fun of certain things is not funny. Race? Not funny. Rape? Not funny. Mental Illness? Not funny... yet, that's exactly what I've been doing for over 12 years with my MPD, or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD is the former label for Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID) posts. While I've never specifically made fun of someone with either, I have made the illness into a joke with my MPD posts and that's not cool, or right, or good in any way, shape, or form.
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Little Inferno

Little Inferno

Are you a pyromaniac? Do you want to burn everything? And I mean everything? Then Little Inferno is the perfect game for you, because you literally burn everything.

You can safely play with fire in this quirky little game. Safely for your real home anyway...

So it starts out with you getting your brand new Little Inferno. You then proceed to burn everything you can. You get mail from your neighbor: burn it. You order toys and things in the catalogs: burn them. You get achievements for burning specific combinations of items. Each item you burn gets you money, which is then used to buy more stuff to burn.

I'm sure there's some message in the whole, "burn-things-to-buy-more-things-to-burn" thing, but I was way to busy burning things to see it.

This darkly, humorous game will keep you entertained for several hours at least, more if you really like to burn things. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

ProTip: Keep track of the items that your neighbor asks for. They are special. Also, when you get the sunglasses, put them on the face in the background. You're welcome.

GamerSoC's Rating: out of 5 controllers

Beat Hazard Ultra

Beat Hazard Ultra

Indie Developer, Cold Beam Games, has created an awesome game in Beat Hazard Ultra! It is powered by your own music collection, meaning that the more intense the music, the more intense your game will be.

It's a top-down shooter, with you playing a star fighter against an unlimited army of enemies, asteroids, debris, and bosses. As you progress through a song, you'll collect POW and VOL upgrades until they're maxed out and you become a Beat Hazard Ultra. The visual effects increase with the POW and VOL levels, so by the time you max them out, your screen is flashing all over the place (Fair Warning: do NOT play this game if you are epileptic).

You can play your own music (MP3, FLAC, AAC, M4A or iTunes files), the music that comes with the game, or internet radio stations, so you will never run out of music to try. My favorite so far (and highest score) was playing on I Am The Doctor (the Eleventh Doctor's theme). I haven't had the chance to try any of the Dubstep remixes I have, yet, or about 95% of my music, so I've got plenty more to choose from.

Either way, head on over to Cold Beam Games (or Steam) and buy this!

GamerSoC's Rating: out of 5 controllers

Watching TV/Movies With Me

I believe I have established quite clearly here that I am a geek. This means I can pick up on a lot of the references in TV shows and movies that some people might miss.

It also means that when those references are particularly exciting to me (or if, like my wife, you're catching up on a series I've already watched) I have an annoying tendency to geek out or explain it over the show, causing you to miss something important while I explain some minute detail that is tangentially related but could also be foreshadowing for some future plot in the show.

If you don't believe me, ask my wife.

All this to say that I am an annoying person to watch TV with. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation, I give you permission to duct tape my mouth shut.

The New Doctor

Peter Capaldi is the New Doctor

As I mentioned in the New Year's post, the Doctor has regenerated again. Breaking with the norms for Time Lords, he's done it a 13th time, starting a new regeneration cycle.

And with the regeneration, Matt Smith is ending his reign as Eleven and Peter Capaldi is stepping in as Twelve.

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Tennessee: Local Restaurant Review

Since our move to Tennessee, we've discovered some restaurants that we didn't have up in Washington. Some are only here locally, others are available in other places, just not where we were in the Northwest.

Here are my thoughts on a few of the places we've tried since the move.
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Rolling Jubilee

I'm sure every one remembers the Occupy movement and all of the violent clashes with police (with the violence mostly instigated by police). Occupy had a great message and goal, but it became too easy for people who were not part of the movement to show up to a rally and hijack it, or for agitators to turn it violent to discredit the entire movement.

It wasn't all bad. Something awesome did come from the Occupy movement: Rolling Jubilee.
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Gaming On Linux

Gaming On Linux

For a very long time, Linux and Gaming did not mix very well. There was very little support for the big, popular games and getting them to work was a chore (to say the least) and sometimes meant doing some things to your OS that were very "hack"-ish. And when you finally got the games to work, they were likely very unstable and unable to run at the maximum graphics settings.

Over the past year, however, things have changed.
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Upcoming Redesign of The *SoCs Domain

So it's that time again: Time to redesign The *SoCs Domain. I've grown bored of this particular look and have a few features I'd really like to add in, so I'll be redesigning again sometime in the next few months.

[TechSoC: Maybe in time for our 12th anniversary?]

We'll see.
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Roll Call

TRIGGER WARNING: Jokes about Mental Illness, Specifically Multiple Personalities/Dissociative Identity Disorder. Please read my apology and new policies regarding my MPD posts.

[TechSoC: Listen up, everyone! 2013 is over and apparently, it has resulted in SoC's mind fracturing even more.]

[ParanoidSoC: You don't mean...]

[TechSoC: Unfortunately, I do.]

[CynicSoC: By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Techie, you may kiss the bride. :P ]

[TechSoC: *sigh* Interruptus maximus.]

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Year of Love 2

A couple years ago, I posted a tweet a day about how much I love my wife. I called it, the Year of Love. And I successfully tweeted 365 times that year.

Ashley loved it.

This year, I'm doing it again. Only this time, all of the *SoCs are getting in on it.
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Top 10 Things I Will Geek Out About

Talk Nerdy to Me

I am a geek. Either you have been following my blog and know this, you know me in real life and know this, or you are new and you probably still know by now. As a geek I reserve the right to geek out about a great many things (much to my wife's annoyance, especially when we're watching a TV show or movie). These are just the top ten things I will geek out about, in no particular order.
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